Matt, Becki & Bethan Dillingham ~ serving with the Missionary Aviation Fellowship

Dillingham family

M.C.F. are pleased to be supporting the Dillingham family, who are currently back in the U.K., having served their first term with M.A.F. in Madagascar. They have returned for a year as their second child is due in September 2016 and Matt will be teaching in Truro during this year. Their next assignment will almost certainly be in Chad, a country M.C.F. had a link with previously through their support of Bible translator William Cray and his family.

Stephen and Janice Schooling


Stephen and Janice Schooling have been serving in New Caledonia in the South Pacific since 1981.

Their goal has been to serve the existing church in the country in order to help the Christians become more committed and more competent disciples of Jesus Christ.

This goal has been accomplished in numerous ways including a number of pioneering projects.Thirty years ago they pioneered the work of Bible Translation for Wycliffe by training national translators. The fruit of such work takes time to come to maturity but three Bibles and one New Testament have been completed in New Caledonia and Wallis and Futuna combined.

Fifteen years ago they were involved in starting the first Bible College open to all in New Caledonia. This work continues seeking to train all sorts of people to go on further with God. There are young and old, men and women, all being trained to live their lives with and for the Lord right in the practical situations where He has planted them. Some of these trainees have become pastors and church leaders and one trainee of over 20 years ago has now also started his own Bible School at which Stephen is a guest teacher.

Janice has participated directly in both the above projects but she has also developed her own skills in the domains of music, children’s work and ministry to ladies in Bible study and retreats.Their goal over the next five or so years is to finish their course in New Caledonia with joy.