The George, interview

The George, interview

“We are talking ‘pubs’ this morning. Once they were at the heart of the community but in the last few years it’s fair to say that some of our local pubs have had a bit of a struggle.

According to the campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) pubs are closing down at a rate of around 18 a week in Britain with 4 out of 5 of us saying that we’ve seen at least one pub shut down within 5 miles of our homes in the last 5 years. But is it always a bad thing when a pub closes? Now obviously we don’t like to hear about businesses closing down and livelihood at stake but with a bit of creativity and a bit of community spirit the Phoenix can rise from the ashes. We went to Martock and had a chat with Angela Brett who is the Chair of Trustees of the Martock Christian Fellowship and she manages the Coffee Shop in the old pub that was ‘The George’ in Martock. She started off by telling me what it was like when it was still a pub.” (Simon Parkin, BBC Somerset)

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  1. Just found your website and was fascinated with the interview. We’re moving into Martock end of February and look forward to paying a visit.

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